Sep 252013


On September 21, 2013, Belize celebrated it’s 32nd Independence Day and in an unprecedented move, the country’s Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, used the opportunity to support the right to equality for LGBT citizens.


President Barrow,

“Government will therefore fully respect the right of the churches to propagate their understanding of the morality, or immorality, of homosexuality. But what Government cannot do is to shirk its duty to ensure that all citizens, without exception, enjoy the full protection of the law.

After all, the Belize Constitution that affirms the supremacy of God also affirms fundamental rights and the dignity of the individual human being.

That same Constitution further declares that all persons are equal before the law and entitled to non discrimination; to freedom from interference with their privacy; and to freedom from unlawful attacks on their honour and reputation.”

Up until this move by the government, Belize was one of only two countries in the Western Hemisphere that actually bar the entry of homosexuals; the other country is Trinidad and Tobago.

Trish, my wife, and myself have visited Belize and we found the people to be very friendly.  This visit was over ten years ago and we both had no idea that we would have been banned had we stated we were lesbians.

While violence still exists in our world in 2013, there are pockets of hope and enlightenment.  I refer to the recent statement by Pope Francis who stated that he did not wish to “judge” homosexuals.  I am constantly blogging and commenting that Psychiatrists world-wide have stated that homosexuality is NOT   a) disease  b) a mental illness c) a perversion – and this educated medical and scientific body also states that homosexuality cannot be treated/cured/reversed by any therapy.  This rules out the voices that scream that we made homosexuality a choice.  NO, we were born this way.

The Prime Minister is to be thanked and those that helped bring this about should receive our thanks, too.  However, there is one more move and that is to real the British colonial imposed anti-gay law of sodomy from its books.

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