Feb 182013

ONE BILLION RISING was founded on February 14, 1998

The UN has stated that one out of three women will be beaten or raped in her lifetime.  This is one billion women plus.Women in Italy

On Valentine’s Day, 2013 One Billion Rising happened in 205 countries.  Women and the men that love them were asked to publicly dance in solidarity for abused women and children world-wide.

Students in the Philippines.

It happened in all 7,000 island of the Philippines and over 50 cities in Turkey.  There were 100 risings in Italy, 135 risings in UK and thousands in North America.  Bangladesh danced and was numbered at nearly 25 million.

Children in the Cong

“In all the years in my organizing, and there have been many, this was the most amazing action we’ve ever done in terms the way it caught fire,” Ensler said.


Irena Ateljevic from India  wrote this poem


Women Dancers in India

She chooses to dance her life

Between birds feathers

Her moving body pictures our heavens

When she hears drums beat

She paints them with her feet

When she hears piano notes

She dances away our obsessive thoughts

When she hears singers sing

She reaches the essence of her being

Women in Pakistan

She moves, she steps, she bends, she flies, she shapes

She touches fears and tears, pains and strains

She gives to the world her whole divine grace

Between ashes and snow she becomes the dance.


The instructions from the organizers of one billion rising, Dance with your body, for your body and for the bodies of women of the earth.

Women in BulgariaBelow:  Women in South Africa protest the 64,000 rapes that happen to women and children in South Africa each year.

Protest against -women and children brutally raped in South Africa

Please be active in any way you can to protest the violence against women and children on this planet that we inhabit together.

Thanks, Paula.

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