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Oceans and Seas: Great Facts to Educate Kids


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Earth showing 70% of water bodies

Humans live on 30% of the earth, but fishes live in 70% of the oceans, seas, rivers and other bodies of water.  No other planet seems to have liquid/water on it.  If they did, it has evaporated over millions of years.

Oceans are so deep in parts that fishes living 3,000 metres (6,000 ft) below the surface have their own built-in lights to live in such darkness.

Creatures with own lights

The Four Major Oceans:  Big Bodies of Water

Pacific Ocean

1st.  Pacific is the largest with 30% covering the earth’s surface.  It has around 25,000 island.

Atlantic Ocean

2nd Atlantic: it covers 21% of the earth’s surface.

Indian Ocean

3rd Indian Ocean: it covrers 14% of the planet and is the warmest.

Arctic Ocean

4th and smallest is the Arctic Ocean and it covered by ice for most of the year.

Another ocean was added?  Yes, in the year 2000, the Southern Ocean was added. It is the body of water surrounding Antarctica.

Seas are Smaller Than Oceans:  Here are the largest seas:

1st:  The Caribbean Sea

2nd   The Mediterranean Sea


3rd The South China Sea.

The Dead Sea in the Indian Ocean is so salty that no creature can live in it.  People cannot drown in the Dead Sea because the salt in it keeps people afloat.

Dead Sea

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