Sep 272017

Little Birds: Poem For Kids- Authors Unknown


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Little Birds

All the little birds are asleep in their nest.

All the little birds are taking a rest.

They do not even twitter, they do not even tweet.

Everything is quiet up and down the street.

Then came the mother bird and tapped them on the head.

They opened up one little eye and this is what was said,

“Come little birds, it’s time to learn to fly,

Come little birds, fly away up in the sky.”

Fly, fly, oh fly away, fly, fly, fly

Fly, fly, oh fly away, fly away so high.

Fly, fly, oh fly away, birds can fly the best.

Fly, fly, oh fly away, now fly back to your nest.





One little bird with lovely feathers blue

Sat beside another one. Then there were two.

Two little birds singing in the tree

Another came to join them. Then there were three.

Three little birds wishing there were more

Along came another bird. Then there were four.

Four little birds glad to be alive,

Found another lonely friend. Then there were five.

Five little birds just as happy as can be

Five little birds singing songs for you and me.


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