Jun 102017

Hey, these days of political unrest, hatred, terrorism, we need to get out and play.  You may have kid (grandkids) and if you do, you will enjoy either trying this on the little tykes or sending it to their parents. Even adults need to PLAY.

Face painting is a lot of fun and here are some ideas.  Always use care when face painting.  Keep your eyes safe and have an adult watch or help.

“Non-Toxic” does not mean “safe for skin.” Acrylic craft paints are not meant to be used on the skin – nor are watercolor markers or pencils.

There are many brands of safe face paint readily available ( Snazaroo, Wolfe Brothers, Fardel, Paradise, Mehron, Kryolan, and Ben Nye).


Start with at least the three primary colours: red, yellow, blue, plus a black and white. From these you can mix colours to make other colours.  For example:

red + yellow = orange

red + blue  = purple

Using Sponges are Great for Painting

Brushes often leave streak marks, but sponges get better coverage.  You can cut up sponges to give different effects.

BRUSHES Add Finer Details.

Most people recommend Snazaroo brushes for face painting as they give more control.


Keep refilling a bowl or bowls of water  to rinse your sponges and brushes.

Glitter comes in gels and dust and are beautiful.  Make sure to keep them out of your eyes.  Use hairbands and clips so that your hair does not have paint on it or glitter. Be clean when using paints – have a small hand towel or paper towels ready to mop up spills.

Not an Artist ?   Use Stencils.  There are also theme packs that on the website of Snazaroo.

Have fun!

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