May 252017


I started these while driving on a lot trip (I was not driving). Feel free to  comment with your own on my site 

Please note that these images taken from the internet do not speak to the person’s sexual orientation. They follow the limerick theme of being “bawdy” and “outrageous.”



An Amazon lezzie called Garble,

Was black and shiny as marble

A sculpter named Pex -wanted to have sex,

“No way! Hands on the marble – not Garble!”

labry – Amazon women’s symbol


A jilted lezzie called Snake

Was set up on a blind date

The date was her ex –  yes, they had sex

But  t’was only for old times’ sake.

A lezzie teenager from Becking

Was caught by her father when necking

He said in a rage – “You told me you’re engaged”

“To a girl and -that’s why we’re fecking!”


A lezzie who owned a rich farm,

walked around with only one arm,

She told every girl – My finger’s a pearl,

Come to my farm and test out my arm!


A hot little Lezzie from Sumdoh,

Really made her lovers come so!

Men pleaded to know – “give us the info,”

“Send your sister and maybe you’ll know!”


Melissa a lezzie of means,

Loved to dress her butt in tight jeans,

When she went to the bar – women said, “O la la”

—Tight jeans – wealthy means – wet dreams!


Mo, a lezzie with muscles quite large

Owned and ran a thriving garage,

Women came by the hours – some cluttering flowers,

With phone numbers for work after hours.


Mo’s distant Italian relative ….LOL

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