Apr 192017

Dubai Court of Appeals

Sharia Law has NOT changed in the Muslim country of Dubai since a 2008 jail sentence was carried out against two lesbians found kissing on a local public beach.  While the two women appealed, their case was rejected.  The women, a 30 year old Lebanese nationa,l and a 36 year old Bulgarian both pleaded NOT guilty.  Nevertheless, both women spent one month in jail.

The Period Awaiting Trial

The lesbian couple were found guilty in April, 2008 and the appeal court ruled in September.  The time between April and September is five months.  Then, they spent a month in jail.  The public display of intimacy cost the couple six months.

The Charge


The Dubai Public Prosecution charged the women with kissing, groping each other and indecent acts in public – the first case of its kind in the country.

Be careful.  Be discreet.  Be aware of customs and laws. 

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