May 162017

Gisela – the witch

Paula here.   When a child gets dropped on his or her head, parents should immediately take the child to note if brain damage has occurred.  Now, I don’t know if  Gisela Allen, Scottish a member of the right wing UK Independence Party (UKIP) was dropped on her head as a child, but I’m questioning if there is some kind of brain damage.  Gisela wants to reintroduce the death penalty, abolish golf courses and deny sex education to children.  She also wants to abolish plastic bags and free bus passes.  These would be for seniors who have paid taxes all their lives.  She wants to increase the old age pension to 70 years of age.NO LGBTI Community!Let’s take her own words,‘I don’t want any LGBT community – it’s private life, none of anyone’s business’From the newspaper cutting, you can see that she feels the abolition of golf courses are in keeping with her thoughts that they are an environmental threat and a safety problem for people.

Scottish political candidate doesn't want any LGBTI community
The Death Penalty
Before its abolishment, Britain used hanging, but Gisella states:
 ‘It doesn’t necessarily need to be hanging. ‘You could have the guillotine.”

‘I think the public is entitled to protection, she added.

UKIP marching at Pride in London, despite a ban.

UKIP marching at Pride in London, despite a ban

 What Else Does Gisela Believes

Allen believes China and India are the greatest dangers in the world, and the educational system in Europe is collapsing.

Poor Families: Women Should be at Home

She also believes nurseries for children shouldn’t get financial support and women should stay at home.  Yet, she supports horse riding for kids.  “She writes: ‘‘I will support riding stables – it’s very important children work with horses and ride horses.’    So, poor kids should be impoverished with moms having to stay home, but for the rich kids, she will support (and I suppose this will be financially) for kids to ride. Now, these rich kids’ parents would be able to pay for nursery or even home schooling.

I think when she mentions the word, “guillotine” I can also hear her shout, “Those poor kids – let them eat cake.”

Another comment from Gisela:  

A UKIP candidate has described how her “hormones go crazy” for gorillas at the zoo, which she finds “very attractive”.

Gisela Allen, who is bidding for a seat on Glasgow City Council, made the comment in a bizarre explanation of why gay people should not “come out”.


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