Apr 212017

This Australian politician is opposed to same-sex marriage as he thinks gay people can ‘turn’ straight

Twitter users mock senator for discovering bisexuality exists

This Australian politician is opposed to same-sex marriage as he thinks gay people can 'turn' straight
Eric Abetz claims gay people can ‘turn’ straight

An Australian politician is voting against same-sex marriage because he thinks gay people can ‘turn’ straight.

Eric Abetz, a Tasmanian senator, has claimed there is ‘evidence’ that people who identify as gay could end up dating the opposite gender.

He has condemned the media for not providing a ‘more balanced’ report on sexuality and same-sex marriage.

‘So do you personally believe that gays and lesbians can pull up their bootstraps and show a bit of discipline and become heterosexuals, do you actually think they can stop being who they are?’ Sky News’ Samantha Maiden asked

Senator Abetz replied: ‘The evidence that has been given to Senate committees where people who have been in gay relationships have then gone into heterosexual relationships’.

Abetz trended on Twitter, with many users condemning his homophobia and mocking him for ‘discovering bisexuality’.

Lauren Ingram wrote: ‘Hey @SenatorAbetz, there’s a word for ‘gay people in heterosexual relationships’… (hint: they’re called bisexuals).’

‘It seems Eric Abetz has just discovered bisexuality exists,’ another person wrote.

Alan Vertue added: ‘What a relic. Abetz should be preserved in formaldehyde and displayed in a museum alongside dinosaurs.’

Another joked: ‘There is evidence intelligent people can become morons if they listen to Tasmanian Senator Abetz for more than 20 minutes.’

Mr Abetz defended himself in a statement posted on his website, saying: ‘News reports that I have suggested gay people can become straight “if they try hard enough” are not just another example of fake news but are also completely dishonest.’

The senator has also slammed businesses who have supported marriage equality, like Qantas, ANZ and Foxtel.

‘It is their right should they wish to engage in these campaigns … but the consumers of Australia should be under no misapprehension these campaigns cost money, and therefore the cost is ultimately borne from consumers,’ he added. 

 My Response – Based on Science

In March 2016, the World Psychiatric Association (consisting of 182 countries) penned a letter to the United Nations and world leaders.  In this document, the WPA of world psychiatrists stated that ‘homosexuality CANNOT be changed and is therefore NOT a choice.’  These protestors are basing their narrow judgments on the Biblical Book of Leviticus where homosexuality is stated as an abomination.   However, there are other abominations in this book that Christians clearly ignore:  a) adultery  b) divorce  c) lying   d) cheating in money matters   e) eating pork, shrimp   f) stoning a bride found not to be a virgin on her wedding night, etc. etc.   Christians do not get to pick and choose abominations.  However, it is not logical to quote Leviticus written 3,500 years ago when starting a fire was done with rubbing two sticks or flints together.  After the meal, these people would retire to a cave or tent.   Should they wish to quote Genesis and the destruction of Sodom and Gormorrah, then they should also read the book of Daniel.  He states these cities were destroyed because the people did not feed the poor, care for widows and showed no hospitality to strangers.  If they are quoting Paul, they have to know that Paul was referring to Temple Prostitution, where Greeks and Romans were following pagan sexual orgies.  When he refers to women going against their “true nature” and having sex with other women, we must remember that the majority of these women would have been heterosexual.  In this case, they were going against their true born nature of heterosexuality.  Remember these were orgies where it did not matter what sex the other person was – it was just a sexual orgy.    Christians need to understand the historical context behind the Scriptures.  What we do know to be clear and that is how to get to heaven.  Jesus told the lawyer in the Parable of the Good Samaritan.  To get to heaven, you must love God, love neighbour and love self.   Jesus also told us not to judge.

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