May 022017

Russian Nesting or Stacking Dolls

I have tried over the past three-half years to vary my subject matter – which still exists for women (but some great men have made lots of visits).  When blogging every day, the topics become hard.  This is a cut-and-paste from my children’s site   While it is a neutral blog on this children’s site, it can still qualify for women on the site you are now on.  Enjoy.  

Here are two maps of Russia:

If you visit Russia, you will see lots of these stacking dolls that go inside one another.  Here is a picture below.

They are called    “Matryoshika” or “babushka” dolls.   The word “babushka” means  grandmother.

Here are some facts about the Matryoshika dolls.

1. The idea of a nesting or stacking idea came from Japan.

2. The first Matryoshka wooden stacking doll was made by Vasily Zvyozdochlin and painted by Sergey Malyutin in 1890

3. The first painted stacking doll was of a mother and her seven children.

The Different Cultures in Russia

Russia is a very big country.  There are people who look different from one another.  The people who live outside of the cities are mostly farmers.  The women often use their cultural clothes.  They are proud of their ancestors. The stacking dolls show the different clothes.


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