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Paula here.

In my opinion, Melissa Etheridge like ellen, Cris Williamson and ellen are “mothers of the lesbian” her story.  Here is an image of Melissa with her wife, Linda Wallem.  They married in 2014.

            Linda with Melissa

Melissa, like so many of us, are not sure how the Trump administration will react to the LGBT community.  Melissa was at a wedding of a gay couple.  This occurred two years ago (2015) and Donald Trump as one of the guests.

Vice President Pence

Mike Pence believes in gay conversion therapy and voted against gay marriage when he was Governor of Indiana.




So the singer was dismayed and a bit confused that as US president, Trump has surrounded himself with people who have a record of being against LGBTI equality.

Chief among them is Vice President Mike Pence who championed anti-gay legislation when he was governor of Indiana.

‘I’m sure there’s a lot of people who worked with (Trump) and socialized with him who are rolling their eyes and going, “Really?”‘ Etheridge told the New York Daily News on Thursday (9 February).


Although Pence has been public about his anti-LGBTI stances and Trump has said he is a friend to the community, Etheridge says Trump is the one who worries her more.

She explains that it is ‘because there’s an uneducated, unregulated part of him.’

She adds: ‘At least Mike Pence, even if he’s against my lifestyle and he’s very conservative, he at least had a certain… to the social conservatives there was at least a sense of… following the rules.’

Etheridge, 55, Etheridge came out publicly as a lesbian in January 1993 at the Triangle Ball, a gay celebration of US President Bill Clinton’s first inauguration.

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