Nov 212016

 New Zealand Earthquake (November, 2016) affects seal breeding area.

 Trish and I have driven this road and stopped off to take pictures of adult seals and their pups.  The incredible viewing area is at Ohau Point  just outside of Kaikoura.  Two years ago, we stayed in this pretty town.  We got up around 5 a.m for the most incredible boat ride that gave us the thrill of dolphins leaping all around us.

The seal breeding ground at Ohau Point, north of Kaikoura, has been destroyed. It is expected a nearby waterfall where ...


Massive landslides caused by this week’s earthquakes appear to have wiped out the breeding ground along the coast, just weeks before the start of pupping season.

“The majority of that breeding colony is completely gone,” Department of Conservation (DOC) ranger Mike Morrissey said.

Naturally, Trish and I are concerned about the impact of this quake on humans.  We wish all life to recover and continue in this beautiful place called New Zealand.


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