Jul 282016

The current American Presidential race is like the stirring up of what looks like a peaceful lake.  The wind of attack and counterattack brings to the surface: mud, debris, hateful quotes, unfounded promises, wall-building and division.   Life is NOT supposed to be lived in such turmoil.

The two sides show startling contrasts.  On the most simplistic level, Donald Trump has fanned the flames of division amongst Americans. (maybe it has always been there). On the Democratic side, are  basically ,words of unity and a promise to help the working class. (Many democrats feel that more should be done).  I am not American, but this is how I view it.  One side will win and what will be the consequences?


This image was sent to me by a dear and life-long friend.  It centres on the inner child.  We are who we are by many experiences.  We chose our politics often by these encounters with people and out interpretation of life.  We may have chosen our political stance early in life while listening to our parents.


Life experiences can give us wisdom or make us lash out at the world.  Somewhere along the earth walk, we make choices about how we react to race, religion, emigration, gender, glass-ceilings, sexual orientation and other cultures.  I am not here to judge the average Republican and Democrat, but I am very concerned with the emergence of Donald Trump.  America has worked hard to be the great country that it has become. Republicans and Democrats have fought in wars side by side.  They come together when there are natural disasters at home.  They stand on assembly lines, work hard, and go home to their families.  They strive for a good education for their children.

A Divided America

As Abraham Lincoln said, “A Divided House cannot stand.”   I would argue that divided communities cannot grow; the “village cannot raise the child.”  A minister once said of the variety of churches – “You know we have more in common, than that which divides us.”   At the most basic level, a human being has more in common with his neighbour, worker or the ‘man in the street’ than he/she has dissimilarities.

I can relate to you how I react to watching this Presidential race.  I’m not taking sides, but when I hear words of hate – insinuations – devaluing of certain groups of people, I feel a gut ache – not to mention a heart ache.  On the other side of the coin, when I hear words of unity such as “we are one people,” or ‘we have the same aspirations for our families and children,” then I want to stand up and cheer!

If I am to admit to taking sides – it is the “higher road” of love, justice, equality for all.


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