May 262016


I didn’t choose to be a lesbian and I really didn’t choose to be a Christian. I was born into a Christian family and the life of Jesus was appealing for me. I do not attend Church because the Pope does not welcome me. Most of the major world religions ask their followers to Love God and Love the people around them. That may be written into the religious books, but many followers have decided that they would prefer to judge others instead of loving them.

But the Bible says…………

The Bible says many things that Christians today do not practise. There is rampant hypocrisy in many right-wing Christians because they pick and choose. For homosexuals, the signs are up:

Leviticus 18:22   A man shall not lie with a man.

Now, if you support a team, you support it fully. If you support a scriptural book, you should support it fully!

As a lesbian, I would argue that the World Psychiatric Association in March 2016 gave a modern scientific explanation – homosexuality cannot be reversed and is NOT a choice. Most people with wisdom (a gift of the Holy Spirit) would know that Leviticus was written 3,500 years ago and would update their Christian views, right?


Right-Wingers that Do UPdate their views of Leviticus.

If I wear to challenge the above people by stating

that daughters can be sold into slavery (Exodus 21:7) and that Christians work on the Sabbath (Exodus 35:2), they would say that ‘times have changed.’ There is no longer justification for slavery and people need to work in today’s world.   If I ask them if they disobey Leviticus by eating pork and shellfish, and getting their hair cut around the temples – they would argue that ‘Christians are NO longer under THAT LAW and that Jesus has freed us.   If I then asked, well surely if he has freed us from Leviticus, then the homosexual abomination has gone, too!   It’s a case of homosexuals being beaten with chosen passages – I’m not in favor of anyone beating me with Scripture.



He does remind us to be honest and faithful in our relationships. He reminded everyone that every Commandment is based on loving God, loving your neighbor and loving yourself.

This message was particularly addressed to Jewish males of his time that could toss out a wife without her having access to finances or visits to her children. Many of these women turned to prostitution.

God is NOT Static or Caught in Time!

Christians can stay stuck in the time of Leviticus, back 3,500 years ago, or thank God that science and psychology has backed up the important information that homosexuals are born this way.


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