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Paula here.

I would like to give you a sample of my fourth lesbian ebook.There are two sets of people setting off for the Womyns Festival in Michigan. Starting in Los Angelas is a five woman band called Inclusion. They will be playing at MichFest. The latest member is called Storm and her lesbian grandmother, Spunky Sue, wishes to travel to MichFest to watch her granddaughter play. The two stories are inter-related with episodes of KKK violence, the FBI and drives through the Rockie Mountains with five women of varying ethnic backgrounds. I have provided a partial sample of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2.    This ebook will be available in August on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other distributors.


Chapter 1 – Inclusion Sets off for MichFest   (shortened version)


And now I will sing beautiful song

                                    of delight to all my girlfriends.

(Sappho. 7th Century B.C.E.)


Inclusion Lesbian Band L.A to Michfest

Inclusion Lesbian Band L.A to Michfest

“Inclusion: Music for Everyone” was painted on both sides of a shining white van with an attached u-haul. Drivers on the Los Angeles Freeway noted the two Labyrs, or Amazon Axes, centered on the rear doors surrounded by musical instruments.


Marla, or Ma to the younger band members, held the steering wheel firmly, changing lanes towards the direction of Las Vegas. Katz, sitting beside her, answered her phone. Her voice rose in animated excitement.

It was July 1980 and Katz wore her hair proudly in a short ‘Afro’ style. Marla listened as the soft and deep voice flowed like caramel over ice cream. Katz was the dessert in Marla’s life, appetizing and fulfilling!

Katz chatted and casually adjusted a magnetic photo of two black kids.

Taken many years ago, it showed a smiling Katz and Marla marching in front of a banner that read, “Martin Luther King’s Freedom March on Washington, D.C”

Katz answered a question as she turned to look at her three band members asleep at the back of the van. “Yep, we’re lucky to have gotten Storm at such short notice. Yep, she’s your typical blond with blue eyes, but remember she’s white with no real color!”

Marla frowned and looked briefly at Katz.

“Marla just gave me the look! As if I would discriminate!

Can you imagine – we two velvet blacks teens started Inclusion ? Now, we’re the United Nations on the road. We have Roz the Mexican, brass player, Kim the Chinese drummer, and Storm, Ms. White, on keyboard and guitar.

Marla continued her focused her on her lover’s voice, as deep as a coal shaft and soft as kitten’s coat.   Katz was born singing and laughing and pushing the boundaries in sports. These three facets made her popular with her high school students.

Katz continued her eyes focused on Marla.

“Marl had breakfast ready for everyone. Five years later, and I finally have her trained.”

Marla smiled.   Katz adjusted the volume on the phone and continued. “ Should make Michigan in about four days. Tonight, it’s Vegas, baby, and a welcome return to Sappho’s Sound.”

Marla sighed with delight. The lesbian bar with a large dance floor would provide an opportunity to let Storm have an additional practice before arriving at MichFest. They were lucky to find a replacement for Mandy who flew to Alaska to be with her terminally ill mother. Sappho’s Sound would provide an outlet to sell their third cassette and LP album.

Marla listened as Katz answered questions about Storm in glowing terms.

Katz had now placed her long legs on the dashboard. Marla’s briefly let her eyes follow up to the pale blue shorts and up to the navy tank-top the face of Angela Davis, black activist, covering her bra-less perky breasts.

Katz looked at Marla.

“Bobbi wants to hear our latest rap!”

Marla nodded and Katz started to snap her fingers. Two years earlier, The Sugar Gang had recorded “Rappers Delight” and Katz was hooked on the sound.

Katz began, “Yeah sister, Amazon Warrior, Take a Stand,

Marla sang, “ Female spirits, Come together, Across the Land.

Katz rapped the first verse.



“Inclusion’s travelling

Across the na-tion.

We don’t judge your

Sexual ori-ent-a-tion.

Di-versity – nature’s an-swer,

Ignorance – human can-cer.

Speak out, sister,- don’t co-wer,

Today is – your finest ho-ur!




Marla’s put a jazz sound to her verse:

We say, – look, sis-ter,

Rel-igion and your Race

Belong with Nation-ality

In a priv-ate place.

Hateful in-doc-trin-ation

Brings noth-ing but i-sol-ation

What we need is a trans-fusion

Of lov-in’ In-clu-sion


They split up the final rap verse between them, each speaking alternative lines.


In-clusion is

A New Way of See-ing,

In-clusion is

A New Way of Be-ing,

In-clusion is Hope

For all hu-man-ity,


Can stop the in-san-ity!


Marla heard Katz laugh and speak to her.

“Babe, Cass is clapping over the phone. Shit! I’m losing reception. Hello. Hello! Damn! Bobbi are you still there?”

Marla smiled as Katz lamented the frustration of phones!

Then, as was the nature of Katz, her anger was momentarily.

“She’s gone! But, we’re here.” Then with a raised voice, Katz yelled out, “We’re going to rock MichFest! Lezzies get yourselves our new cassette!”

Marla turned, “Hush up girlfriend. Let them sleep!”

“Like WE did last night?”

Marla lowered her voice, “Blame it on those over-sexed cats in the alley! All that raccous, I just couldn’t sleep!”

Katz responded, “I’m not complaining! I had ONE over-sexed cat in my bed last night!”

“Katz!” Marla nervously glanced in her rear view mirror. No one was stirring.

Katz continued to tease Marla. She ran one finger up the side of Marla’s leg. In a low sexy voice she said, “Baby, I get it while I can. Even when the cats were quiet, you wanted to keep going and coming and….”

Marla slapped Katz’s moving finger.

“Stop NOW!

“That’s NOT what you said last night!”
Marla chuckled and was relieved when Katz popped a cassette into her Walkman and stretched out her long legs. Were there young lesbian students who looked at those legs and had a crush on their gym teacher? She was certain that those girls existed; didn’t everone have a crush on their gym teacher?

In her head, Marla sang a verse from the 1977 song by Meg Christian, “Ode to a Gym Teacher,”

Meg Christian: One of my favourite artists

So you just go to any gym class

And you’ll be sure to see

One girl who sticks to teacher

Like a leaf sticks to a tree

One girl who runs the errands

And who chases all the balls

One girl who may grow up

To be the gayest of all

Marla had been a fan of Katz’s long legs and powerful body since they were together in high school.   What a body! It had already been well formed in high school. Marla had attended every one of Katz’s games. They were discreet lovers, living next door to one another and always finding time to be alone. Both women were academically sound, but Katz chose an athletic scholarship while one was awarded to Marla for her academic mind. Both attended UCLA with Katz choosing a teaching career and Marla graduating with a degree in psychology

They were such opposites – Marla quiet but a powerful force that got her elected to school committees and the creative genius behind band concerts and school plays.   Katz, on the other hand was an athlete in kindergarten winning races on land and in the water. She captained the high school basketball team and in her final year, set a school record for the 1000-meter race.

Mala slowed down as the traffic became congested. Her thoughts shifted to last night’s jam session and how lucky they were to get Storm at the last moment. Lucy had quit on them. It was hard to blame Lucy when her girlfriend issued an ultimatum – move to New York or stay with Inclusion. Each member of Inclusion was getting to know Storm. Nobody wanted to flood her with questions, yet they were curious, too!

What they did know was the following information:

Storm was escaping from her father, a racist judge and had made life intolerable for Spunky Sue, her lesbian grandmother. Did the judge know that Storm was a lesbian? Storm responded that her university funding would be stopped and would probably be reinstated if she attended reparative therapy sessions. What each member knew was that Storm was an accomplished and creative musician on keyboard and guitar. She possessed a voice of incredible range and pitch. At her introductory practice, she had belted out Janis Joplin’s “Piece of My Heart, “ with such force that she received whistles from Roz and cheers and claps from everyone else. After the jam session was over Katz spoke to Marla.

“ Marl, we have our replacement, but the dynamics might change.”

“What ya mean?”

“Roz and Kim are single. They will be travelling and tenting with a natural blond, cobalt blue eyes and a model figure!”

“You noticed, eh?” Marla teased. “I don’t want to see any problems.”

Katz agreed. “I’m not saying there will be problems. I am just stating the facts. Roz lives to bed women and Kim may just emerge from her studies and notice an exciting woman!”

End of Shortened Version


Chapter 2 – Spunky Sue’s Personal Riot (shortened version)


In Big Oaks Retirement Villa, Spunky wheeled herself towards the automatic double French doors, and indulged in the peace of a natural world mostly asleep. The Villa was basically in darkness except for a room or two where a resident was not sleeping.

Spunky gazed up at a full golden moon and out to where it had illuminated bushes and frees with its magical glow. It was a chance to escape the daytime clatter of physical movements and the never-ending chatter of senior residents. Spunky was the proverbial ‘fish-out-of-water.’ To a certain malicious group of residents, she was an ‘unnatural disgrace’ to the image of a Southern gentlewoman. There was a sadistic delight in her fall from power. She had once owned the villa, and now this mob sat around card tables instead of cauldrons and cackled with delight.images-5

Into the cauldrons they threw tidbits of gossip and savored the brew with chosen pieces of Scripture; these were often placed anonymously on her bed. Although a small group, their self-righteous words and actions intimidated those female residents that were tolerant and interpreted Scripture differently.   The Judge often arrived with a surprise basket of fruit or treats for ‘his special ladies’ who put such spirited effort into making’ his villa’ run smoothly. Nobody crossed the ‘black crow group’ as Spunky named them. Tonight, she would soar like an eagle over the crows. Gripped in her eagle talons was new information that promised freedom from the tyranny of her son. She would regain control over the villa and bring the Judge to justice. If time was a friend, she might even arrive at Michfest to see her granddaughter perform.


Spunky wheeled further into the moonlight and left the crows behind. she was free now, if only for a few hours – free to breathe in the perfumes of a Georgia night. She closed her eyes

and let the captivating fragrances of a southern night capture her senses. She recognized each individual aroma: sweet magnolia trees, jasmine bushes, gardenias and one bouquet that Charley loved – the intoxicating drifts of honeysuckle. This smell brought Charley from behind the thin veil of the spirit world and placed her squarely in Spunky’s earthly world.

How many years had Spunky and Charley shared moonlit nights? There had not been enough of them.

Spunky listened to nocturnal calls around her: the nightingale’s sweet call and cicadas singing in the treetops.images-7

She opened her eyes and saw a grey cottontail rabbit. Suddenly, spotlighted by a moving moon, it sniffed the air and darted for cover. In a thicket it was well camouflaged from its relentless predator, the Great Horned Owl.

While nature and the surrounding grounds of the Villa were beautiful, they paled when compared Spunky’s Georgian home called “Birdsong Hill.” Her father-in-law, Emory Gresham, who died when Titus was two years old, bequeathed it to her. Emory was a proud southern gentleman and he disinherited his son, Leonard, for abandoning his wife, Spunky and grandson, Titus. Birdsong Hill epitomized the ethereal beauty and warm ambiance of the South. It dated back to the 1800s with a front porch for added charm.   This two- storey building seemed delightfully stuck in time when life was savored and less hectic. Birdsong Hill was tucked away from the road and nestled in nature.

It stood high overlooking an estate of green fields, meadows and forest. Memories of Birdsong Hill were so vivid that tears ran down Spunky’s face. How could a home in nature’s paradise, be stolen by her own flesh and blood!”

Birdsong Hill was now in the ‘care-taking hands’ of Judge Titus and his wife, Phyllis. Careful to adhere to the law, the Judge moved into Birdsong Hill on a legal document of Power of Attorney. No one questioned a Judge who looked after the interests of a mother declared ‘legally insane.’   Titus and Phyllis rented their former home, a move that told Rankville residents that it was not a confiscation of Birdsong Hill, but merely a temporary measure


Spunky watched the moon move across the Big Oaks property and her eyes focused on a huge tree – the Big Oak, the largest and most majestic of southern trees.


It was on moonlit nights like this that Spunky and Charley would sneak out of Birdsong Hill, reassured that Natty was within calling distance from Titus. Charley would carry the picnic basket and Spunky would bring a couple of blankets and a flask of malt wine. They had a favorite Big Oak that they named Sappho. The poet’s spirit lived in that tree and Charley would read her poems aloud to Spunky who lay on her lap.

The Sappho Oak was a welcome canopy during the hot days and a secret rendezvous for them at night. From it hung the grandeur of draping Spanish moss, and Spunky sighed as the moon shone on it. The moss, looking like silver-gray hair, brought back a picture of Charley in middle age; that silver-gray hair had been lost to cancer, but Charley wore colorful headscarves on their final trip to Europe. Charley was a painter and Sappho Oak was framed and in Spunky’s villa bedroom.

Charley loved the Spanish moss because it was a companion to the Big Oak never endangering it. And, it had been a friend to early settlers who used it for bedding, upholstery, insulation and medicine. Charley also said that the Big Oaks cried when the Spanish moss was used for mattresses for sweat-soaked slaves when they sought rest after hours of cotton picking in sun-scorched days.

Spunky felt her spirit wane and she willed herself to take on eagle’s wings and soar above her painful memories. She looked again at the Big Oak and shifted her gaze to the carpet of diamonds above her.

Spunky remembered how Charley had introduced a space or star game. She pointed to the stars and suggested that each of them take time to invent life on a star that they would name.

Charley had suggested that each full-light session should have a star that one time would be mythical and delightful, but the next time, the star had to be a wicked place filled with evil creatures. Charley said that life was like that from time to time and it was a good way to explore each concept. They would challenge each other with questions.

When the game was over, Charley would say, “Back to OUR life, our wonderful life of mutual love and respect.” They would lie in each other’s arms and make love.

The sound of a car pulling up to the Villa jolted Spunky back from the past. Spunky looked at her watch, this was be the cook and her assistants arriving for breakfast preparations.

Spunky felt a tear fall down her cheek. “Oh, Charley, I’ve been reliving our love-making. How you bewitched me!”

Spunky said out loud, “Bewitched. Witch. Brew. Magic Portion.

Freedom from this Villa!”

She slapped the side of her wheelchair. “Charley, it’s about time that I set the witch in motion. What I do, will cause me to see the supervisor and then, I’ll present a brew that she won’t turn down. I know Fiona, and I have something that will be my bargaining tool. We are bound for Michigan to see Storm play – you on your angel wings and me…..well, I’m not sure how I will get there – but I will!”

Spunky had a few more words for Charley. “It’s your fault, Charley. If you had not died, I would not have had to give that eulogy. How could I deny what we were to each other? Yes, that was four years ago, and Lordie, there is still fall-out!”

Spunky opened the exterior French doors and entered her room. She opened the door that led to the corridor and down to the nurses’ station. Now, with her wheelchair beside her bed, she applied the brake and slid herself into the automatic lift that would bring her to the level of the mattress. She lowered the lift’s arm and eased herself on to the bed.

Outside the moon had ceased its glowing performance and was willing to give way to the sun’s spectacular ritual. Spunky prepared for a special unscheduled production that would upset most of the uninvited audience of the villa. The crows would squawk and Spunky would get a morning appointment with the villa’s supervisor. The break for freedom plan was just hatching and Spunky grinned as she reached for her lesbian baseball cap.

She cleared her throat and adjusted her position in bed. Next, she took deep breaths from her abdomen. She spoke quietly, “Spunky, as a consummate performer, with a good voice intact, you know that you must put on this show, as if the audience was hearing it for the first time.!”


She looked towards the end of the bed, “Charley, or should I say, Maestra, please ready the orchestra.” Charley nodded, her silver-grey hair matching the silver bow tie. She raised her baton and Spunky smiled at the slender figure in a black tuxedo

Spunky and Charley locked eyes and with a radiant smile, the conductor invited her lover to perform a solo rendition of Cole Porter’s song, “Summer Time.”   Spunky knew that the openly gay Cole Porter would not mind his words being gaily changed. She commenced in a strong mellow voice that embraced the hallways and crept into sleeping quarters.


Summertime and the livin’ is easy

Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is fine

Your mamma’s rich and her girlfriend’s good lookin

So hush strong lezzies, don’t you ever cry


There were sounds of residents waking up and groaning, but Spunky continued.


One of these mornings

Gay folk are goin’ to rise up singing

And they’ll spread their wings

And they’ll take to the sky

But till that morning

There’s a nothin’ can harm us

So hush petty Christians

It’s you that I will defy


The nurses on duty looked at their watches and sighed. Rikki Kobota reached in her pocket for a coin and flipped it.

“Heads,” called her companion, Morgan Cummins.”

“Heads it is,” conceded Rikki, “I’m on my way!”

Rikki was half way down the corridor to Spunky’s room before the residents yelled at her as she passed each room.

“Nurse, that woman will burn in hell.”

“Tell the judge that his mother is nuts!”

“She loves Negros!” yelled another.

That statement was followed by, “She loves women, that’s against nature!”

End of shortened Chapters 1 & 2






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