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 images-9 WHERE would you find around 20,000 lesbians from all over the world? Get out your calendar and book off work for the end of March every year! It’s called “The Dinah,” and to those in the know it’s in Palm Springs, California, U.S.A. This party has lasted for 26 years and it doesn’t look like it is going to end!

Lesbian Heaven

Dinah Shore, television personality and golfer

Dinah Shore, television personality and golfer

Dinah loved her golf

Dinah loved her golf

In 1972, Dinah Shore, a famous television personality started the Dinah Shore Golf Tournament. She was NOT a lesbian, but the pool parties that lesbians arranged started to become major events in themselves. The Hilton in Palm Springs is now hosting the Dinah parties.

Suddenly, the hotel is transformed; there are male staff but the majority of bodies in the pool and dancing and talking are lesbians!

There’s Golf Here, too? LOL.

When the Michigan Womyn’s Festival (MichFest) closed its doors after 40 years in the summer of 2015, there was genuine sadness. MichFest was born in secretcy in the countryside near Lansing, Michigan. It was the biggest draw at it’s time, and like gay pilgrims, lesbians would make their way by plane, train, bus and car just to be with their sisters.   When it started, the womyn at MichFest had not seen the reality of gay marriage which began in the Netherlands in 2000. Now, The Dinah is out of the closet and out of clothes and into swim wear.

A Way to Date and Mate


‘There are a diversity of women here at the Dinah – butch, femme, old, young, bi, black, white and other classifications – unless you don’t like labels. Like Vegas, what happens in Dinah stays in Dinah (unless it ends up on the social media).

There is a brash freedom to ‘flash someone’ or invite them to your room.

The Gaypocalypse

images-1Anyone looking around and saying ‘I’ve died and gone to heaven’ may want to reflect to 1991 when there was a minor earthquake. It is reported that half the water spilled out of the pool. Some of the women were too drunk to notice, but one lesbian is reported as saying,”here is a good place to die as any other place!”   And looking around, it does look like Gaypocalypse where heterosexuals have been taken off the earth. This gives an added sense of being special and a first class citizen, although it is hoped that people already feel this way – proud in their sexuality and being part of humanity. The myth that most lesbians hate men is simply that – a myth. Lesbians, except in homophobic societies – are making inroads and are being more accepted. There is always annoyance from right-wing religious organizations, but through the media most LGBTI persons realize that the United Nations, the World Health Organization and Psychiatric Associations world wide are fighting for homosexuality to be accepted as a normal sexual orientation.


I haven’t been to Dinah, because basically I’m happier in nature than in large crowds, but I would like to experience it – just to celebrate that we are everywhere!


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  1. Paula,

    Thanks for this informative piece! I’ve heard about the Dinah, and have added it to “places to see,” too. Was sad to hear that the MichFest has ended. Maybe it will be revived someday?

    Thanks so much for creating this blog! I just found it and appreciate this treasure trove!

    • Hello again, Mel and thanks for commenting.
      I hope you end up at the Dinah – what a celebration of our lives!
      I had never been to MichFest, and since I’ve written three lesbian ebooks that have “Michigan Bound” as their subtitles – I had to visit before it shut its doors. About 6,000 women were in attendance. In these ebooks, I took the lives of lesbians in Australia, Vietnam War and London, England and shared their lives and for different circumstances, had each of these women travelling to Michfest. Naturally, I had to go before it shut its doors. So many lesbians told me about their wonderful experiences and my wife, Trish, had been. Take care – love and be loved – paula

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