Dec 262015
The bishop can marry as a Greek Orthodox priest, but wants to deny gays & lesbians the same human rights

The bishop can marry as a Greek Orthodox priest, but wants to deny gays & lesbians the same human rights

The Greek parliament in December 2015, voted to grant civil partnerships to gays and lesbians.  In this type of situation (no matter where in the world), there will be a spiteful and unChristian response from “Christians.”  There is no hatred like “Christians” who despise gays and lesbians and want to deprive them of basic human rights.

They are so far removed from Christ that they would not recognize him should he appear before them!

Bishop Amvrosios Does Not Recognize Christ in Others!

Jesus clearly loved the ‘underdogs’ – the Samaritans, the tax payers, the publicans – to mention a few.  He reminded his disciples to recogn

Amvrosios of Kalavryta, who managed to get himself incredibly wound-up in an internet rant.  What he says is the opposite of how Christ would treat anyone.

‘Spit on them! Deprecate them! Vote against them!’ said Bishop Amvrosios.

They are not human! They are freaks of nature! Mentally and spiritually sick! They are mentally insane!

‘Don’t hesitate, then! Wherever you see them, spit on them! Don’t leave them in peace! They are dangerous!’

Wow!  And the “don’t leave them in peace” is exactly the opposite of what Jesus said when he encountered a variety of people, “My peace I give to you.”

And from the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall see God!

The Greek Orthodox Church says the law devalues ‘the holy concept of Christian family and human life.’

The redrafted bill will not allow same-sex couples to adopt children, but the ministry has said a discussion about that will take place in the near future.

The Bishop Likes Nazis

Well, this is not surprising.  Hitler hated minorities: Jews, homosexuals, the mentally ill, the handicapped, Gypsies, etc.  And the Bishops hates homosexuals.  They are sharing the same bed.

Bishop Ambrosios shocked the public in December 2015 by stating that the neo-Nazis of the Golden Dawn party were “sweet hope” of the people.

The Ignorance of Bishop Ambrosios

The bishop is ignorant with regard to understanding neo-Nazis and homosexuals.  Neo-Nazis are a violent collection of thugs who attack people in gangs – really cowards!   The majority of psychiatric and psychological institutes world wide are clear when they write and speak about homosexuality:

“Homosexuality is not a disease, mental illness or a perversion of nature.  Homosexuality cannot be reversed, so it is NOT a choice.”

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