Sep 132017

Tony Abbott is a disgraceful homophobe.  Years ago, he ‘sewed his wild oats’ and for years thought that he had fathered a child while at university.  Subsequent testing proved otherwise.  Now, there is a mural of Tony marrying himself.

Tony and his sister

Abbott has a gay sister called Christine Forster.  She is also in politics at a Sydney municipal council level.  She is proud to have married Virginia Edwards.   She has been fighting against her brother and now is asking Australians to vote “YES” for marriage equality in 2017.



Tony marrying a Tony blushing bride – mural.

SAY ‘YES’ – CHRISTINE FORSTER (Tony’s sister) champions Marriage Equality.  Is is married to Virginia Edwards.


Politicians in Favour of Marriage Equality

These include the Prime Minister who now seems to be ‘on board’ even though he asked for a mail referendum.

Australian opposition leader and daughter say “YES”

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull – which way does her turn and is he full of “bull.”?


Sep 132017

The red dot is the EYE of the hurricane – the power centre

Hurricanes are given a number according to their strength –

Irma, that hit Florida and the Caribbean Islands was given the Number 5 which told everyone that this was the strongest hurricane in American history.  Hurricanes like warm water and this enables them to pick increase their strength and speed.


People evacuated and the majority took their animals to shelters or with them.

However, many animals were deliberately tied up or left in cages.


Most animals can swim (even cats that don’t like water).


Some animals were more challenging to rescue:  Dolphins are being removed in Cuba was of the churning (fast) seas that would toss them about:

This manatee had stuck without ENOUGH water….

The cheetah belongs to a zoo and he/she is taken to safety.