Apr 202017

Below, is a blog taken from my children’s site http://childrenandteensstoriestoinspireandmotivate.com.  If you can pass on this link I would appreciate it.  The children’s blog starts after the title “Australian Aboriginal Art-Awesome.”

This is our fourth visit to Australia.  We close up our home for the cold Canadian winters.  The heating costs we save pays for our airfares.  No money is exchanged.  Most people leave food for you to use and often a car is thrown in.  On most housesitting sites a police clearance document plus personal references are required.   We have seen a number of wonderful Aboriginal art works that are a result of our housesitting.   Enjoy the children’s article below.

Australian Aboriginal Art – Awesome

Many people think that the Aborigines came to Australia about 60,000 years ago.  Many lived in desert like places and they made their art on caves, trees and on the sand.

It is beautiful.   Here are some examples from the Aboriginal Museum in Adelaide, Australia.  Other examples are from various places in Australia.


Like so many indigenous cultures, tribal elders are seeking exciting ways to keep their language and cultural traditions alive.  It was only in the 1970s that Aborigines were allowed to vote.