Apr 152017

 As happy house/pet sitters, we are celebrating Easter in a beautiful Kiwi seaside town.   Kiwis and Aussies are celebrating Easter as part of their autumn/fall season.  The daylight hours have been shortened and for Kiwis the weather is getting colder.  However, in Britain, Ireland, Europe and North America, the opposite takes place.  I know our Canadian friends are looking forward to seeing plants pop out on grounds that are not covered with snow.  For many, the summer is not too far ahead.

Easter Facts: Known and Unknown.

–It is said that Germany introduced the idea of candies/sweets and chocolate Easter eggs. Some people state that Germany was also the first country with the idea that the Easter Bunny gave out eggs.  For many Christians, giving eggs was a symbol of the resurrection of Jesus (new life) and in many countries eggs are died in different colours. The art of painting eggs is called pysanka,  and is said to have originated in Ukraine.

  • Eostre the Anglo Saxon Goddess:
  • She was the goddess of Spring and Rebirth and seems to have only been mentioned a few times in Anglo Saxon literature.  She was credited with ‘waking up the winter.”  The early church took over most pagan festivals and turned them into religious symbols and Christian events.
  • Hot-cross puns were originally pagan offerings.  Again, the Christian Church put a symbolic cross on them.
  • Her sacred animal was the hare which belongs to the rabbit family, so ‘chocolate’ bunnies is a natural progression.  Hares could be openly seen chasing across the countryside to find mating partners.  Adult humans also celebrating courtship with maypole dancing.
  • Tallest Easter Egg to date:  Made in Italy in 2011. It stood at 10.39 meters and weighed an astounding 7,200 kg.
  • Italy: Tallest Chocolate Easter Egg

  • Taking Chocolate Bunny Bites:  76%percent of people eat the ears first, 5% percent go for the feet,  and 4 % for the tail
  • Florida Biggest Hunt:  Florida holds the record for the largest ‘Easter Egg Hunt.  Around  9,753 children searched for 501,000 eggs

If you are not religious, Easter is a holiday from work.  Like Christmas, Easter is a fun time for kids.  May you have a wonderful Easter.