Apr 132017

Again , housesitting enabled Trish and myself to live nearby these incredible gardens.

The Italian Renaissance was an exciting period of history.  Artists, sculptures, philosophers, medical practitioners and writers drew ideas from many sources.  Likewise, Italian Renaissance Gardens evolved from many sources particularly from Islamic symbolism/patterns combined with Christian influences.  Another source was to borrow from Greek and Roman traditions.  In the garden is a bronze statue of Romulus and Remus, the she-wolf that suckled these founders of Rome.

The Renaissance gardeners built also upon existing Medieval gardens.  You can see the high surrounding arches with trellis work. Gardens became separated into compartments or geometrical holding areas.  Geometry was viewed as a reflection of God’s divine purpose that could be seen in the cosmic order around them. Space was a chance to capture the viewer with hidden areas and surprises.  Geometry as incorporated into art and science and viewed in terms of proportion, perspective and symmetry.  Gardens were arranged in this manner and plants bloomed in circles and triangles.  I found the research fascinating and I wished I had done this before visiting.  However, we are invited back to housesit in the nearby town of Cambridge in 2018.  This will be our third house and pet sit.  Some of the great advantages of house/pet sitting is the friends that are made.  In this family are three wonderful dogs – Meg, Muffin and Monty, plus a gorgeous cat called Charlie.

Here are a few more photos.