Apr 122017
Gay woman 'killed and burned beyond recognition' in South Africa
Nonki Smous is believed to have been killed in South Africa.  Once again, one of our sister lesbians is killed.  We need to contact the South African Embassies and the South African tourist offices.
Hateful Christians
Male rapists or lesbians have stated that the Bible and churches told them that gays and lesbians were ‘evil’
 and they felt they had the right to kill them.   One of the murderers made this claim a couple of years ago and received a life sentence.  His mutilation of a lesbian was vicious and premeditated.  The judge hoped to send a message, but evil men will continue to find a way.
A Body is Discovered
A female body was discovered metres from an evangelical church in Kroonstad, South Africa.  Authorities are trying to determine if the body is that of a lesbian, Nonki Smous.  If so, she was just 28 years of age.

The murder came a few days after Bloemfontein, the capital of the Free State, held a Pride parade at the weekend.

Rage by the LGBT Community

“Love not hate,”is a campaign that has found that 41% of the LGBTI people in South Africa know someone who has been murdered because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Paula’s final comments:   We need to email or phone South African Embassies and complain.   We need to write to South African tourist agencies and state that we feel their country is homophobic and unsafe.  To South Africa:   We are looking at your police investigators to catch the murder(s).