Apr 052017

First and foremost, congratulations to Col. Kristin Goodwin on her promotion.  I just love a woman in uniform. LOL.

I salute you on your promotion and on your marriage.


When Hatred Makes People unChristian.

Let me introduce you to a ‘stone throwing family’ – the Moore’s of Alabama.   Judge Roy Moore was stripped from his legal position for going against the Supreme Court on “Gay Marriage.”   It seems that the Moore family decided to let Mrs. Moore write a hateful message against the promotion of a lesbian.   Yes, cadets within ten feet of a lesbian will become homosexual or throw all their morals and values to the wind.

Your son has been arrested 8 times – why not volunteer in drug rehabilitation centres?

She has called Col. Kristin Goodwin “ungodly.”  She states that her ‘lifestyle’ is without morals.  However, Kayla Moore’s son as of November 2016  was arrested for the eighth time in the last five years.  Perhaps, Col Goodwin could teach him ‘conduct becoming a gentleman.’   Mrs. Moore is the president of a hate  group called “The Foundation for Moral Law.”

Here is Mrs. Moore’s “Christian” letter that you can see exemplifies Jesus’ words of “do not judge” and “love your neighbour.”

“On March 14, you announced that Col. Goodwin had been nominated for appointment to the rank of brigadier general, a necessary prelude to her appointment as commandant. I oppose this nomination because Col. Goodwin does not set a proper moral example for youth.

“The person responsible for the education of cadets at the academy is a role model and an exemplar of proper deportment and conduct. Col. Goodwin, as a lesbian who is ‘married’ to another woman, not only demeans the institution of marriage but contradicts the divine basis for marriage revealed in Scripture and evident in nature.

“Because homosexual relationships are unnatural, they are incompatible with the basic structure of civil society and the historic antecedents of military order and discipline. By nominating an open lesbian who proclaims that she is married to another woman, the Department of Defense states its disregard for the fundamental moral order established by God, thus breaking trust with the millions of Christians who voted for the new president in hope that the ungodly policies of the previous administration would be repudiated.

“The presence in the armed forces of persons who demonstrate a propensity or intent to engage in homosexual acts would create an unacceptable risk to the high standards of morale, good order and discipline, and unit cohesion that are the essence of military capability.”

Below are some comments that I found on different sites.

From Ann:

Well, I opposed the Inauguration of one Donald J. Trump. He is an awful role model for our youth. I condemn his unabashed bigotry, and his hateful comments about women, Muslims, Hispanics, and other marginalized groups. I condemn him for mocking Serge Kovaleski, and for welcoming white supremacists into his administration. I condemn him for running a campaign based on division and for lying to the American people. I condemn his inability to admit personal fault. I condemn his lack of intellectual curiosity and his disrespect for American norms and values. On the most fundamental level, I condemn Trump as a human being.

I guess we’re both out of luck, aren’t we, Kayla?

From P.J

She’s married (not living in sin, LOL) and she’s not divorced.  There is no record of her ‘grabbing women by the pussy.”   She is not being investigated for links to Russia.   As far as I know, she has never wished to prevent “Meals on Wheels” or wanted to throw 20-25 million Americans off Medicare. 

Speaking of moral examples, in November 2016 Kayla Moore’s son was arrested for the eighth time in the last five years.”

Caleb Moore – a long list of convictions

Hypocritical asshole

From Teddy

The Moores oppose an ungodly lesbian as air force academy commandant, yet were massive supporters of Donald Trump. The most blatantly filthy and immoral candidate for president in my lifetime. The level of cognitive dissidence this requires just boggles the mind.

From Amazon

Read the Parable of the Good Samaritan.   Substitute “Gay or lesbian” for Samaritan.  Note that Samaritans were the outcasts of Jewish society.  They were the “ungodly” a word   Mrs. Moore likes to use.   Now, in that parable or story Jesus is telling us not to pick and choose who we think our neighbour is….but to love our neighbour.

HUGE. The Associated Press reports:

A federal appeals court in Chicago on Tuesday ruled that the 1964 Civil Rights Act also protects LGBT employees from workplace discrimination, the first time a federal appellate court has come to that conclusion. The decision by the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals comes after it threw out a July finding by three of its own judges that the law doesn’t cover sexual-orientation bias and ordered a rare rehearing by the full court, a rare session known as an en banc hearing.