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Now that the bill has been passed in 2017, by  USA lawmakers, and signed into law by Trump,

Republicans in the majority – vote to allow the mentally insane to own guns

a person who is insane can buy a gun.  It should never have taken place.  Back in 2012 a woman with paranoid schizophrenia was sold a gun which she later turned on her father.  He died.  This story takes place in the state of Missouri in 2012.

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The 2012 Gun Death by an Insane Person

In 2012,  Janet Delana, the mother of a paranoid schizophrenic, phoned the police and the FBI trying to stop a gun store that had previously provided her daughter with a gun.  Colby,  daughter of the Delana couple,  had been in and out of mental hospitals.  Janet phoned the store manager and explained that the last time Colby had a gun she had tried to kill herself.  Her father had taken away the gun.  This phone call was about two hours before Colby walked in and purchased the gun. The seller stated he did not put the phone call to the person he sold the gun to.  The question is, wouldn’t you remember a mother pleading of you to not sell a gun and describing what her daughter looked like.  Janet said that the gun store made $60 profit from that sale.  She lost a husband of forty years.  Her daughter is in a mental institution.

Colby Sue Weathers was mentally ill, but she had never been identified as a threat to herself or others by a judge or ordered to an extended mental hospital stay — which meant she could pass the background check for her gun.

Growing Up With Guns

Colby grew up with a dad that cleaned guns on his porch.  His wife, Janet, enjoyed practise shooting when she was dating him. Delana does not want guns taken away from people.

How Did The Gun Possession Madness Start?
The NRA is a powerful lobby group with lots of money.  Each time a politician furthers their cause a cheque is sent.  This is public record.

On gun regulations, a partisan divide:

• The House and Senate voted largely along party lines in February 2017 to get rid of Obama administration regulations aimed at blocking mentally ill people from passing federal background checks for gun purchases. President Trump signed the measure, HJ Res 40, rescinding the rules on Feb. 28.

• The rules had required the Social Security Administration to share information with the FBI about those receiving federal disability payments because of a mental illness — and unable to manage their finances — to ensure that their names were flagged in firearms dealers’ routine background checks.

• The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act provides unique legal protections for firearms manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Passed by Congress in 2005, the law bars most civil lawsuits seeking to hold the industry accountable after the products it sells are misused, including in mass shootings.

• Supporters of the law say it has prevented frivolous lawsuits and includes exceptions for knowingly illegal sales. Opponents say those exceptions are narrow. Efforts to change or repeal the law, including last year, have not gained traction in a Republican-controlled Congress.

Even if her daughter had previously been deemed a threat by a judge, Delana has learned, there was no guarantee a background check would have caught that exclusion. The federal background-check system that is used to prevent convicted felons from buying guns is missing scores of state health records that would also flag and disqualify those who are seriously mentally ill.

Regulations finalized late in the Obama administration, but overturned in February with President Trump’s signature, extended restrictions on gun purchases to people who receive a federal disability payment because of mental illness and also have that check sent to someone who manages their financial matters.

But, Delana also has learned, if the Obama regulations had been in place when Weathers bought her weapon, they would not have barred her purchase because she received and managed her own Social Security disability checks.


The gun store settled out of court for 2 million dollars – that way, nobody is to ‘blame.’  Really, tell that to Tex, the father who lies in the grave.

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