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 Wedding Ring:   A tourniquet worn on a finger to stop circulation.images-3

Egotist:    One who is always ME DEEP in conversation

Hyprochondriac:  A person who can’t leave being well alone.

Committee:   A group of people who individually can do nothing, and collectively decide nothing can be done.

Danger:   Trying to leap a chasm (canyon/valley) in two jumps.

North America:   a place where we run through red traffic lights to save second and wait patiently for hours to tee-off.

A Meeting:   This is an event where the minutes are kept, but the hours are lost.  (Minutes are written notes.  I explain for

readers where English is not her first language).



UnknownA college education never hurt anyone who is willing to learn afterwards.

-Don’t criticize your partner’s judgment, look who she chose to live with!

–We were so poor growing up that the mice ate out.

–Just stop for a minute and smile.

— I don’t need your attitude, I have my own! 


Boss:  “You’re fired!”

Worker:  “Fired?  I thought slaves were sold.”


Unknown-1         It’s alright to start at the bottom, unless you are learning to swim.


Worker:  “Sir, I would like a raise in my wages.”

Boss:    “Your wage increase will be effective as soon as you are!”


When it comes to giving, some people will stop at nothing.

“Have you heard about the manicurist that married a pedicurist?

They wait on each other hand and foot.  (This is an English expression).


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