Dec 252015

Unknown-7Half of the Members of the Australian Parliament (the bigots and the fence-sitters) are willing to spend around $160 million dollars to introduce a referendum to the voting public!  This is a $160 million bill to ask Australians if they believe in marriage equality.   It is never a good idea to let the majority of citizens vote on a fundamental equal rights issue.

If American Segregation Had Been Put to a Vote?!!?

images-5 images-7 Unknown-9 Unknown-8Back in the 1950s/1960s, the Supreme Court could have made a dreadful decision. The court could have left it to each state to decide on the matter of segregation by public vote.  Imagine, the results from the southern red-neck states.  Today, Afro-Americans would still have segregated toilets, and seated separately from whites in cinemas and restaurants.

Using $160,000 Wisely

Divide this money into 8 portions (six states and 2 territories), that’s $20 million and use it for programs to stop homophobic bullying in schools or have the local parliaments decide to use it for local charities.


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