Aug 132013

screen-shot-2013-08-08-at-9-59-41-pmThis is the heterosexual male that Adolph Putin prefers over any gay male!

I don’t have his name (and he should be nameless because of his politics), but his face is known to

many Russians.   This is the macho male, branishing a knife to show how cooooool he is…..

He and his nazi youth think it is macho to beat up young gay Russians.

This cult is allowed to carry out violence while the Russian police look on.  And why not?

If the Russian President is so homophobic and a role model, why not be part of the macho mode, the new cool!


Leaders of Ultra-Nationalist groups roam free to torture gays and then they boast about it online. How does Putin plan to guarantee protection of foreign Gays with maniacs like this roaming free with license to continue his gay witch hunt. These people know they are above the law and hence not afraid to have their names and pictures associated with the kidnappings and tortures of young gay men.  The on line evidence is widespread and there have been no arrests or repercussions? The Government is complicit and has provided license for these atrocities through legislation that serves to endorse the lies and myths about gay people, misleading Russians about Gays, while cutting off discussions and education to present the truth through so called anti-propaganda laws.


Paula here:  Please write an email to the Russian tourist industry in your country and/or

The Russian Embassy or Consul.    We who enjoy freedom as gays/lesbians must help protect our sisters and brothers.  PLEASE PASS THIS EMAIL ON.

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