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A LGBT Phoenix

Labrys: Amazon Womyn are going to rise again


As of September 2017, I am in my fifth year of blogging for all women, and lesbians in particular. Today, I have had over 380,000 visitors and this fulfills my dreams of bringing gay/lesbian world-wide news, articles/poems to inspire and to advertise my lesbian ebooks and children’s ebooks  As you are probably aware all ebooks can be read on a variety of media devices (computer, laptop, iPhone, kindle, etc).

My lesbian ebooks are set in three countries and hopefully delve into lives that may be different.


I chose characters to represent an interesting world:

Jo is a mustering and ‘Jack-of-all trades on an isolated Australian cattle far.  Jo falls in love and travels across the Outback with an Australian aboriginal woman.  This allowed me to contrast the lives of a white woman and the world of an indigenous woman.

Lt. Dee: is a young army nurse in the Vietnam War.  The story was sparked by a visit to the Washington Vietnam War Memorial Wall where over 55,000 soldiers (and nurses) died.  I set this story in Vietnam in 1968 – the year of most casualties.  How can a 21 year old Lt. Dee, who grew up on a Dutch Pennsylvania farm, deal with the horrors of war in a foreign country?  Yet, Dee falls in love with a dashing Air Force Captain – a native American woman.

Jazz is a television carpenter with an appetite for women.  It was a fantasy trip for me. What would life be like for a good looking woman, whose television fame brings sexy email and letter invitations?  What would it be like to have an expensive car and a luxurious apartment?  However, I decided that  Jazz needed to fall in love with  a challenging woman.  This had to be a woman an equally famous and rich woman who would captivate Jazz and be elusive, sexy and extremely strong-willed.

I wrote these books to outline various themes:  Jo:   (The Australian Aboriginal Dream Time.)

Jazz:  (1920s – Lesbian Women of Paris)

Lt. Dee: Love in a War Zone  (

Sample chapters can be obtained on Amazon – Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple iBooks.

Thank you.  paula


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Who I am and Where I Live

paula right with Trish left

Paula left with Trish at the Koala Hospital 2016


My writing name is Paula Key and I live among lakes, rocks and pines in Canada.  Trish and I were legally married in 2008.  We love to travel, write and photograph nature.


Thank you for visiting this site, as of August, 08 2016, there have been 270,202 visitors.

Update:  August 22, 2016.   My writing name for the LGBTI community is Paula Key, but I also write children’s stories under my real name, Pauline Gallagher. 

Children’s Books? 


I also write under the name Pauline Gallagher on  Here are some of my books if you have ‘little ones’ in your life.  They are ebooks on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Kobo and Apple iBooks.

Mrs Claus won the Canadian Library competition and is published in Winners' Circle 6.

Mrs Claus won the Canadian Library competition and is published in Winners’ Circle 6.




unicorn-white-cover-small-jpeg ball-up-2016-1-jpg-small

Unicorns Come At Night focuses on the death of a pet.      Bouncing Blue Ball is a fun story of a dog’s ball that get hit in a park, bounces into a stroller, finds it way to a garbage/fill site and bobs up and down in the ocean.  Will the ball return to Dolly the dog?

We are everywhere!  We have always been alive since the Dawn of Civilization.   Here are some lesbians to celebrate. (Some details may have changed – partners, etc)


Abby Wambach and Sarah Huffman, soccer stars marry in Hawaii in 2013

Abby Wambach and Sarah Huffman,
soccer stars marry in Hawaii in 2013

Gigi Chao and Sean Eav married in 2012. Gigi's billionaire father posted a dowry for a straight man to marry Gigi.

Gigi Chao and Sean Eav married in 2012. Gigi’s billionaire father posted a dowry for a straight man to marry Gigi.

Melissa Etheridge and Linda Wallem married 2014

Melissa Etheridge and Linda Wallem married 2014

Sara Gilbert & Linda Perry wed in March 2013

Sara Gilbert & Linda Perry wed in March 2013

Basketball star Seimone Augustus proposes toLaTaya Varner

Basketball star Seimone Augustus proposes to LaTaya Varner

ellen and Portia married in 2008

ellen and Portia married in 2008

Martina proposes to Julie at U.S Open, 2014

Martina proposes to Julie and marries in Dec. 2014



Rosie O'Donnell & Michelle Rounds married 2012

Rosie O’Donnell & Michelle Rounds married 2013




"Sex and the City" star Cynthia Nixon married longtime girlfriend and education activist Christine Marinoni

Cynthia Nixon and  Christine Marinoni married 2012 

Meredith baxter marries Nancy Locke (2012)

Meredith Baxter marries Nancy Locke (2013)

Norwegian married couple Hege Dalen and,Toril Hansen save 40 kids in mass shooting

Norwegian married couple
Hege Dalen and,Toril Hansen saved 40 kids in mass shooting


Jodi Foster and Alexander Hedison wed 2014

Jodi Foster and Alexander Hedison wed 2014

First lesbian Buddhist Wedding, Taiwan 2011

First lesbian Buddhist Wedding, Taiwan 2011

Buddhist female monk performs wedding - Taiwan

Buddhist female monk performs wedding – Taiwan


Senator Tammy Baldwin

Senator Tammy Baldwin ended 15 year domestic cpartnership in 2010

Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam openly gay lesbian, Toronto

Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam openly gay lesbian, Toronto

Maryann Street, politician, New Zealand

Maryann Street, politician, New Zealand has a spouse




Willa Cather, (1873-1947) Pulitzer Prize author USA)


Suzie Ormon married Kathy Travis 2010


Daniela Iraschko Olympic ski jumping medalist – married Isable Stolz in 2013

Nancy DroletIn (Gold Medal hockey player) 2009, married girlfriend Nathalie Allaire in Quebec in 2009

Nancy DroletIn (Gold Medal hockey player) 2009, married girlfriend Nathalie Allaire in Quebec in 2009

Lee and Chelsea engaged Lee plays Big Boo on Orange is the New Black

Lee and Chelsea engaged
Lee plays Big Boo on Orange is the New Black


Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario, Canada married Jane Rounthwaite (m. 2005)

Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario, Canada married Jane Rounthwaite (m. 2005)

XO_HannahWatt-1 sports Masha Gessen 48QhV ninaramsby cris williamson


Sally Ride was in a 27 year relationship with Tammy O'Shaughnessy, a professor

SALLY RIDE commanded a NASA space shuttle.  I cannot image the courage it must take to blast off into space.  And it takes immense knowledge and skills to be in charge of a shuttle launch and the bringing of a crew back to earth.  Sally was in a 27 year relationship with Tammy O’Shaughnessy, a professor, who shared Sally’s love of science and space.

Col. Margarethe Cammermeyer -

Col. Margarethe Cammermeyer – married Diane Divelbess in 2012

MARGARETHE CAMMERMEYER  was the highest U.S.A military officer to come out gay is Margarethe Cammermeyer who was promoted to Colonel in 1987.  She served for 14 months as Head of Nursing during the Vietnam War.  She War.  She was dismissed from the army for declaring her sexual orientation.  A television movie, “Serving in Silence,” (starring Glenn Close) brought the issue to the public.  Margarethe worked tirelessly against “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (a policy to keep military gays/lesbians silent.  Thanks to Margarethe and others gays and lesbians can serve openly in the military.  I personally am grateful for Margarethe taking the time to go over the manuscript of my lesbian ebook “Lt. Dee, Army Nurse: Vietnam).  She made considerable comments and was incredibly generous with her time.


Below,  are the faces of lesbians who were murdered because of their orientation.   Their courage is an inspiration to us all.  Their spirits remain with us.

Crystal Jackson, left pictures, and her girlfriend Britney Cosby, murdered in Houston, Texas

Crystal Jackson, left pictures, and her girlfriend Britney Cosby, murdered in Houston, Texas

Noxolo Nogwaza was a South African lesbian LGBT rights activist and member of the Ekurhuleni Pride Organising Committee. She was raped, then stoned and stabbed to death by assailants in KwaThema, Gauteng.

Noxolo Nogwaza was a South African lesbian LGBT rights activist and member of the Ekurhuleni Pride Organising Committee. She was raped, then stoned and stabbed to death by assailants in KwaThema, Gauteng.

The white rose - symbolizing innocent beauty and pure spirit

The white rose – symbolizing innocent beauty and pure spirit

Lesbian Labrys (axe) - we will fight injustice

Lesbian Labrys (axe) – we will fight injustice

Rebecca Wright & Claudia Brenner - Rebecca was murdered - Claudia survived USA 1988. Read Claudia's "Eight Bullets" on Amazon

Rebecca Wright & Claudia Brenner – Rebecca was murdered – Claudia survived USA 1988. Read Claudia’s “Eight Bullets” on Amazon

 26-year-old Duduzile Zozo was found murdered and raped by a toilet brush outside of Johannesburg, S.A in 2013

26-year-old Duduzile Zozo was found murdered and raped with a toilet brush outside of Johannesburg, S.A in 2013

Eudy Simelane, South African soccer star - gang raped and stabbed 25 times (2009)

Eudy Simelane, South African soccer star – gang raped and stabbed 25 times (2009)

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  1. Hello Paula Key,
    Your site has peeked my curiosity and your content, a trove of delights.
    Congrats and continued blessings on all your hard work.

    • Hi Deb,
      Thanks for taking the time to reply with such positive words. Send ideas and comments so that this site can include you, and all women who are concerned with making this world a better place for us all. Hugs over the internet.

  2. i just love your set up ,,all the best cuz xx

    • Hi Cuz:
      I love your support. Wait until I’m rich and famous and buy you and hubby a trip around the world. (Of course, we’re coming with you) LOL
      Tell all those Irish lezzies about the site and get me traffic to the site. Love you.

    • Wishing you and your partner, and all your protagonists a very Lesbionic St. Patty’s Day.

      • Hello Linda and the best of the “Lesbonic St. Patty’s Day” back at ya.
        May you and yours also have a happy Patty….Thanks for making my day.

  3. “Lesbian Stories and a Site for All Women” was indeed a great blog.
    If only there were significantly more weblogs just like this excellent one in the word wide web.
    Anyways, thank you for your personal time, Cruz

    • Hi Cruz and I think your last name is Mohammad. Peace be with you. I think that perhaps you are a man,so if this is the case, thank you for supporting women. If you are a woman, I thank you again. My aim is to write lesbian stories that show that love is celebrated in many ways and that love is love. There is no great force in this world than love. It saddens me that there are women and children being raped. This is such a violent crime. There are over 64,000 rapes in South Africa. We need to love and respect one another. Thank you for taking the time to comment. I appreciate this deeply as I have just started up the sight. Please feel free to also take me to task if there are things that you disagree with.
      I hope to hear from you again, Paula.

    • Thank you Cruz Mohammad for your positive words. We all need them particularly when you set up a new site. I do want to make a difference by my stories for lesbians which show that love is essential to all humans. With the other blogs I hope to bring notice to the plight of raped women everywhere.
      I know there are gentle and loving men who think the same way. I also want people to laugh and enjoy the jokes or the warm fuzzies. There needs to be balance – have serioius issues and also to laugh.
      Life is good. Thank you and please comment again – even to give me criticism. I appreciate the time you took. Let me know who you are…if you like…and what you would like to see on my site/our site.
      Thanks and blessings,

  4. I have just visited your site. In fact I just met you today at Manatees Hammock campground. I like your site and plan to read your stories. Also, I will pass your site along to friends. Wishing much success for you. Love is definitely the answer.

    • Well, hello Evie and what a surprise to find your warm and coomplimentary comment. It made my morning. I just felt a kindred spirit between the four of us. Yes, love is the answer. Please use my email address to find out if we are likely to run into each other again at another campsite. So glad you took the time and let’s keep in touch.

  5. Hi to my wonderful amazing successful cuzz! Love your site. Looking forward to reading all your books and blogs. As the song goes Love Love Love, all we need is love! Congratulations! June x

    • Hi June: You are not only my cousin, but a woman who cares deeply about others as shown by your choice of career in “healing’ others. I truly want my site to be a collaborative endeavour of women who strive for peace, love and the uplifting of all, so that each individual may blossom to his/her fullest potential.
      May there come a day when all humans celebrate their individual gifts, and by working together, make this a better world for all.

  6. hello you ….lots of irish love coming your way ,,congratulations ,all the best xxx from mary

  7. Hi Pauly,
    Thanks for sending this via my email!! I’m hopeless at looking up sites. I’m really looking forward to reading your stories, as I know you have such a gift for writing, You have done a great job on your site. Congrats!!! All our love is flying your way.

  8. Hey! It’s nice to see your site coming along quite nicely, keep up the hard work because your passion shines through.
    Love Karla xx

  9. me again ..good luck with every thing ,hugs and all xxxx

  10. Me again, a bit late.. Couldn’t connect out here in the boonies. Wonderful to know such a marvellous soul.

    Any Jewish Lesbians in the wings 🙂 ?

    • Linda, Jewish lesbians are very welcome on this site, as are lesbians from the North to the South Pole, and including those in the northern and southern hemispheres and those lesbians who live between the equator and the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. This should include lesbians on continents and on islands.

      By the way, Linda, I did write a blog about Lesbians in Israel. Let me know what you think?
      Give me the name of any Jewish lesbians that would make for blogging.

  11. Lovely lovely I had imagined that connecting with us in Nairobi was as many spam messages but for Im glad it wasnt the unnecessary message. I will keep eye on this and I feel you have something special for women lesbians, men gays and prostitutes I work with in Nairobi. This is inspiring

    • Dear ‘brother’ Joseph:
      Hello to your church members in Nairobi. I know you have a gay/lesbian congregation. Please tell us about them. Do you have to be secret about your existence? Can the members be openly gay?

      Thank you for he work that you do amongst the glorious creations of our brothers and sisters on the ‘margins of society.’ Bless you for caring. While my site is mainly for lesbians, and the reason is that I write lesbian stories, this does not mean I am not caring for our gay brothers or the ‘prostitutes’ who are our sisters. I am going to write about two men: Anderson Cooper and Ricky Martin. Anderson is a television gay man who cares for everyone and Rick is a popular singer who is raising two sons with his male partner. Ricky is very active in India. He rescues girls who have been kidnapped and sold into brothels as sex slaves.
      God bless you all in Kenya.

      Do you know a Kyla from Canada? She works building a school in Kenya and she knows a school principal named Joseph.

  12. This I wrote in a response to a comment made to me by Paula in an article.

    Why waist your time trying to discredit the church? Millions before you did it and are still doing it. There are 800 million other christian churches and as much as 50 000 different denomination in the world today. Each one of them with their own set of reasons but one common factor, they are all in disagreement with the Roman Catholic Church. As a christian I do love you lesbian or not. I empathizes with your situation. I don’t judge you but do not condone your actions, the same as for any other individual who act in ways contrary to their Christian principals.

    I don’t understand why gay and lesbians personalize their sexual issues. Sex according to the teaching of the church cuts across all human beings. It is immoral for any persons who indulge in any sexual activity, who has not entered into holy matrimony with one another. That obviously imply heterosexuals and homosexuals.

    I do believe that homosexuality is a reality.and i’m saddened by the violence perpetrated against gay and lesbians thorough the world. My main issue with individuals like yourself’s is, I cannot understand why you go out of your way to enforce you values on the church. God gave us all free will. Everyone who want to call themselves Christian do so out of their own will. You can come and go as you please.

    In the Christian community where I serve the Chair lady of the parish council is gay, one of the organist is gay and one of the ministers of the word is gay. The Catholic church embrace everyone who embraces christian teachings and values. Divorce like anything that compromise the family is not taken lightly in the Catholic Church. A Non practicing Gay and lesbian can be in full communion with the church but not a divorce man or women.

    There are over a million priest, brothers and sisters that took an oath of celibacy to serve the people in the church the way Christ did and so can you and I. I can attest to the fact that there are 1,2 billion sinners in the Church and they are all welcome. If I publicly confess my actions contrary to the churches values, like being a murderer and intend to continue with that action I will be excommunicated from the church. So you see murderers are welcome as long as they repent serve their sentence and change their ways. They will account at the end of times IT IS NOT WHO OR WHAT YOU ARE THAT WILL BE JUDGED BUT BY YOUR ACTIONS.

    So I bid you peace and encourage you not to spew filth about the Christian faith and I can assure you good karma will come in abundance to you and your Gay and lesbian community. The best thing you could do for your movement is to preach respect, tolerance and acceptance of others religions and culture and the same will be reciprocated. The only person you can change is yourself let alone 1.2 million faithfuls.

    • Hi Roy
      I appreciate you blogging to my site. I can see that you are a fair person by your acknowlegement and acceptance of homosexuality. I think we have more in agreement than meets the eye.
      I am sure that if the organist and Minister of the Word proclaimed they are gay, they would have to fit into a celibacy mode.
      The Church judges us as disordered and declares for us a life of celibacy.

      I am not trying to put MY values on the Church, but rather state that heterosexuals and homosexuals share the same value. I have just blogged this to my site. Peace to you, Roy

      Acceptance, accomplishment, accountability, activeness, adapability, adventure, affection, altruism, appreciation
      Balance, beauty, being the best, belonging, benevolence, bliss, bravery
      Calmless, camaraderie, candor, care, charity, cheerfulness, cleanliness, commitment
      compassion, confidence, cooperation, courtesy, creativity
      Daring, decisiveness, decorum, delight, dependability, depth, dignity, discipline, diversity
      Eagerness, ecstasy, efficiency, empathy, encouragement, ethics
      Faith, family, fascination, fearlessness, financial independence, fitness, freedom, fun
      Generosity, gentility, giving, grace, gratitude,
      Happiness, harmony, health, helpfulness, heroism, honesty, honour, hospitality, humility
      Imagination, impartiality, independence, individuality, industry, inquisitiveness, insightfulness, inspiration, intelligence, intimacy, introspection, intuition, involvement
      Joy, justice
      Keeness, kindness, knowledge
      Leadership, learning, libration, liberty, lightness, liveliness, logic, love, loyalty
      Making a difference, maturity, mastery, meekness, mellowness, mindfulnes, motivation,
      Neatness, noncomformity,
      Open-mindedness, optimism, order, originality
      Partnership, patience, passion, peace, perceptiveness, perkinsess, perserverance,
      persistence, philanthropy, playfulness, pleasantness, pleasure, poise, pride, privacy,
      punctuality, prudence
      Quiet time
      Rationality, relaxation, reliability, resilience, resolution, resourcefulness
      Sacrifice, stisfaction, soul-fulness, selflessness, service, serenity, sexuality, sharing, silence, sincerity, soundness, spunk, strength, sympathy
      Teamwork, thankfulness, thoroughness, thoughtfulness, tidiness, trust
      Unity, usefulness
      Valor, variety vigort, variety, volunteering
      Warmth, wisdom, wonder, wothiness

  13. Hi, Paula!

    Just checking back in after recovering from Algonquin! Hope you’re as refreshed from your vacation as I am.

    I just wanted to ask of those readers who talk about “The Church” and its condemnation of homosexual relationships that they be somewhat more careful in their usage, and name specific denominations. As brother Roy pointed out, there are tens of thousands of different denominations, and there is a small but rapidly growing contingent of denominations who bless and affirm same-sex relationships. My son and son-in-law were married this past April in a United Church (of Canada). The banns were read in front of the whole congregation (talk about archaic practices! but it saved them the cost of a marriage license), and the mood was overwhelmingly positive.

    This from a congregation that in 1988 vowed it would never accept a gay or lesbian minister in the pulpit. To be honest, I’m not certain that we’ve had a candidate for ministry since then (and we’ve had about half a dozen of them) who was NOT gay or lesbian, most of them openly so. Including, of course, my son. The change did not happen over night, and the process included a great deal of study and prayer on the part of individual congregation members.

    Polygamy, slavery, and many other things we find abhorrent are affirmed by the Bible as acceptable practices, while wearing garments made out of two kinds of fibres, eating shellfish and rare steak, and having flush toilets inside your house are all forbidden. As we study the Bible seriously, and we come to know how it was written and put together, we grow in the understanding that the over-arching Christian values are love of one another, and forgiveness of each other’s sins.

    Roy is right in that we must all reach out to one another with respect. Every human being is worthy of resepct. However, there are actions that, according to my Christian beliefs, are not to be tolerated. Hate speech towards any group, denial of civil rights of any person or group of persons, and hurtful actions are all intolerable, in my opinion.

    Christians, especially in North America, have been sold the line by the fundamentalists that Christianity is “under attack” by the radicals. It is not so. I know of NO PLACE in North America that is not the holy sanctuary of another religion, where I could go and feel unsafe wearing my cross. There are still far too many places in North America and the world where I would not only feel, but BE unsafe if I wore my Pride Day t-shirt. I urge all Christians who have been sold this line of BS by a preacher to be especially careful.

    Jesus said nothing at all to condemn homosexuals or homosexuality.

    He said a great deal about self-righteous religious leaders and followers, none of it flattering.

    Ruth Cooke, M.Div., MPS

    • Excellent point about not lumping all Christian denominations as potentially homophobic or anti-same sex marriage. I may be guilty of doing this, but I try to be careful as I was once a member of MCC and I have United Church (Canada) friends who are gay/lesbian/trans.

      Thanks for pointing this out.
      Take care, Ruth. Hope we can meet again, soon.

  14. “it is my hope that women will find their way to this site and call it home. In particular, lesbian women who live in homophobic societies are welcomed. We feel your pain. We stand in solidarity for your rights.”

    Grazie, Paula.

    Ath.Helle – Milan – Italy

    • Ciao Ath. Helle from beautiful Milano. Your words made me feel so great. Grazie. I love Italy. I live in Canada and have visited Italy at least five times. I have an Irish cousin who lives in Basil and Switzerland is so near to Italy. I live in Canada about two hours north of Toronto.
      When I first began teaching it was in a school with 95% Italian children and staff. I learned to love the Italian culture as I was invited by wonderful students to their homes. At Christmas time, these fathers would send me bottles of home-made wine.

      Now to your words. They are exactly what is in my heart! I have been asking anyone who will listen to write to the Russian Embassy and the Russian tourist agency in their country. I tell them to just write “Visa” or “Your beautiful Russia” so that they are not deleted before being read.
      I have visitors from countries where it is illegal to be a homosexual. I will not stop until I can make them even prouder of who they are.

      Thank you again and keep in touch.

  15. Good day to you.. I was going through Google and somehow i stormed into your site.. I am married to a lesbian wife.. we live in Nigeria where such practice is against the law. Before I got married to her she did inform me she was a lesbian but i tried to change her orientation. Now that we are married with a kid.. she complains bitterly about her new sexually practice. I have done everything at my best to change that but i guess nothing is working so I gave up.. Last month I gave her the permission to cheat on me but only if she agrees to bring her lover to the house because of security reasons. I don’t know why i am not jealous maybe i feel secured since her partner is a woman. Next month i plan to marry her friend as a second wife so we can all live together without the risk of exposure.. Oh dear.. I don’t know if i am on the right path. Honestly speaking I wish women around the world would be heard and freed.. Because being a gay or lesbian in just Nature. You cant change that.. I tried but i failed!

    • Best wishes to you for trying to work things out. Our natures are so fragile. Psychiatrists all over the world now claim that homosexuality is NOT a) disorder b) mental illness or c) perversion
      and they state that homosexuality cannot be reversed by therapy, so as you said they have proven that it is just nature!
      You seem a very nice man, Frank, who has tried to understand things that are different.
      I wish for a world where everyone loves and does not judge.
      You seem to have loved your wife exactly as the lesbian she is. Good luck on your new wife and give your first lesbian wife my best wishes.

      Love is the answer to the simple and difficult questions of life. God bless.

  16. I chanced upon your website through links from Sayoni. Found you global issues section interesting, I will be back for more. Thanks for taking the time to set this blog up and share your opinions.

    • Bacchus:
      Thank you and hello ‘Sayoni.’ Thank you for writing that this is a great website. Please do come back. I am in the process of getting two lesbian stories into i-book print. Please tell your friends. By your name, Bacchus, the ‘Wine God” I do not know if you are male or female. It doesn’t matter, but if you are a male, you may not be interested in lesbian stories. LOL.

  17. hello to yea both cong on the 20thousants .
    hope all is going well
    hugs and xx to u

    • Hello Mary:
      Actually, as of today, February 17, 2014, I have had 26,280 visitors. I am so grateful that people find this site to be something they look forward to reading. I try hard to find interesting things to blog.
      Give my love to Ireland.

  18. Hi Paula Just seen your website love it I and am adding you to the lgbtbot search engine.
    It is new and we are adding about 100 to 500 websites a day. I will also post it to the fb site

    Any resources for or any lgbt websites please submit them. It is free. No xxx Please

    • Wow, thank you, Brittany. Like you, I am dedicated to getting news out there to our rainbow brothers and sisters.
      It is great to know that we are a community that pulls together.
      It has been my goal to have my site as a second home to lesbians. It is so sad to see our sisters suffering and fleeing for their lives.
      I am just ready to put three lesbian novels on ebook shelves. They are set in Australia, England and Vietnam.
      I have spent eleven years researching and prefecting them. If you can help in any way, I’d appreciate it.
      I hope this last statement does not come over as taking advantage of your kind offer.
      I don’t want to spoil the kind and generous offer you have made. I would not speak of these if I did not think they were worth sending out to the LGBT community. Best wishes. Can you stay in touch, Brittany? I am so excited by your comment. hugs and more hugs

  19. I do not know whether it’s just me or if everybody else encountering problems with your site.
    It appears as though some of the text on your posts are running off the screen.
    Can someone else please provide feedback and let me know if this is happening to them as well?
    This might be a issue with my internet browser because I’ve had this happen previously.
    Appreciate it

    • Hello: Not sure of your name, but thank you for visiting this site. I have friends that visit on a regular/daily basis and they have not recorded any problems. I am sorry that you are experiencing this problem. I don’t want to lose you as a friend. I just have no idea what to reply to you.
      I can check with wordpress that has the software to my site and see if anyone else is having problems with their site.
      I am glad that you commented. Peace, Hope, Joy. paula

  20. Stop posting spam stories from this website on others and don’t deceive people. Gay is an illness called sexual identity disorder .read your history and learn about dsm journal and the event of pre 1973


    • Thank you Mr. White, but you must fall into the category of ‘right wing religious psychiatrist.’ I am sure you are aware that Presdient Museveni of Uganda wanted scientific input on homosexual. In an Open Letter over 100 of the most respected minds, from the most prestigious universities and institutions wrote this to Museveni: “Homosexuality is NOT a) a disease b) a mental illness c) a perversion – and – it cannot be changed or reversed, hence it is NOT a choice, but people are born as heterosexual or homosexual.” It is amazing that if, as you stated, “gay (sic) is an illness called sexual identity disorder, there have been, and are at this time in history, so many incredible homosexual achievements in every field imaginable. You are NOT believable, but I must have hit a nerve or you would not have bothered to comment. paula key

      P.S. Gender identity disorder (GID) or transsexualism is defined by strong, persistent feelings of identification with the opposite gender and discomfort with one’s own assigned sex. NOT many homosexuals fall into your definition!

    • To Mr. White:
      Here is part of the Open Letter to Pres. Museveni of Uganda, asking him to understand homosexuals. It was signed by over one hundred scientists, medical professionals. It appears to be in sharp contrast to your knowledge of homosexuals. It is signed by the brightest brains on the planet and from the most prestigious institutions of learning. I am not misguiding anyone on my site. I think you have the “Right Wing Bigoted Agenda”.

      1. Myths and Facts About Homosexuality!
      Your December 28 letter questions: a) whether homosexuality is an abnormality and b) whether homosexuality is a condition
      of which a person can be “cured” or “rescued.” 2 !
      Evidence from independent technical normative agencies and respected medical and sociological professional
      bodies around the world could not be more clear in response to both questions: Homosexuality is not a pathology,
      an abnormality, a mental disorder, or an illness—it is a variant of sexual behavior found in people around the world. Lesbian,
      gay, bisexual, and transgender people are normal. According to Uganda’s national diagnostics and statistical manual
      of mental disorders (DSM), homosexuality is not classified as a mental disorder. Neither is homosexuality a condition from
      which a person can be “converted.” Despite claims to the contrary, there is no rigorous and peer reviewed scientific evidence
      that a person who is lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered can be “cured.” 3 !
      The Bill’s claim to protect children and families in Uganda appears to be derived from the harmful myth that lesbian, gay,
      bisexual and transgender people pose a graver risk to children and families than people of other sexual orientations.
      There is no such evidence—lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people pose no greater risk to children than heterosexuals.
      In fact, sexual and physical violence experienced all too routinely by children and adolescents in Uganda would
      be unaddressed by this Bill. Implementation of this Bill would likely deplete the already limited resources invested in
      Uganda into robust investigations and prosecutions of cases of violence against children. Rather, the limited funds would
      be wasted on hunts by police for consenting adults suspected or accused of being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. !

  21. Hey paula!! I am a boy not a gal.. but i am very happy to see you supporting lesbians. I am from india and here same sex marriage is not allowed.. according to my opinion a person can choose anyone as his\her partner..
    I support you.. a big salute to you.

    • Saif: Thank you as a young man for supporting me and for supporting same-sex relationships. You are a very enlightened soul and India should be very proud of you. Please make the future a better place for everyone. I will keep you in my heart because of your loving kindness to others. paula

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    May you find love, too

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    • Thank You Angie (and your wife) for taking the time to write a complimentary comment. What a wonderful choice of nursing as a career! When I wrote
      Lt. Dee: Army Nurse, Vietnam, I was amazed at the courage and healing during the Vietnam War. When my mother died, one of the nurses told me that for the past six years she had kissed my mother goodnight in her nursing home. Thank you again.

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    • Well, thank you Agnes. It is very kind to write and tell me that you browse daily. You are just the person for me to ask if you would like to see something different or more of something that you like. I would love to get my ebook stories translated into German as my wife and I have friends in that country. Do you know anyone? All the best and do write again. paula

  28. Dear Ms,
    I am an MBA working in US, person of Indian origin, perfect looks, gentle, honest, cool, fun loving, person having gay tendency, looking for a lesbian girl for MOC and lifelong companionship. Looking forward to hear from the interested.

    • Well, Saurabh: I wish you every success. To find someone to love you and be able to love, is one of the greatest gifts.

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    • Hello to you and your partner – isn’t love great?
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    • Dear Lollipop: I would suggest that you go on-line to Canadian immigration or type “How Do I Get a Same-Sex Wedding in Canada.” During World Pride Week (June 2015) over one hundred overseas gays/lesbians got married in Toronto. I am so happy that you are thinking of getting married. I’m married. Isn’t love great? paula

  48. Hello,
    I found your site from reading comments in the Gay Star News. I’m the mother of four young adult children. One of my sons just came out and told me he’s gay. One of my daughters is bi. I am here to learn and figure out the best way I can support my children. I’m so proud of my kids for having the courage to come out and for being comfortable with who they are. I will admit that I know nothing of what it is like to be gay in today’s world though and so I’m reading everything I can to try and learn. Your site looks awesome. 🙂 Thanks.

    • My dear Leela:
      I am so glad that you contacted me and that others will be reading our comments to one another. It is all about love and support and tolerance. I felt so proud that you have such an unconditional love of for your children. There is an organization Pflag that was formed for parents of LGBTI children. Let me state that it is incredible that your children have you as a mother. None of us chose to be a LGBTI child and it is so ignorant and disgusting when people state the opposite. I knew at about the age of eleven. I formed this site to offer lesbians and moms like you support and encouragement. I am not sure where you live, but I have received heart-breaking stories of LGBTI children who cannot come out to parents/work etc. Birth does not give us choices: we are born into a race, country, religion or not, gender and sexual orientation. LGBTI children/adults have been around since the dawn of civilization and in every country. It is just part of the grand scheme of things. Many countries and cultures accepted LGBTI children until Christianity came (I am a lesbian Christian, but my God is one of love).
      It is a good idea to read articles/books etc and they are available. The bottom line, in my opinion, is that we as LGBTI persons have a great history and this is what I am trying to do on this site. We are/have been/ doctors, lawyers, engineers and bus drivers, hairstylists and writers etc. Sally Ride was the first American woman in space and commanded a NASA space shuttle. She was also in a 28 year relationship with a female professor.
      We have 98-99% in common with straights. We have mortgages, plan vacations, mow the lawn and hug one another when it’s been a hard day. While the straight bigots constantly focus on our sex – it is more about bonding and finding someone to share a loving relationship. Your son and daughter are searching and there are “frogs” to kiss before they find the true person. Let me end by saying that I am so glad that you contacted me – I am so glad that there are loving and kind individuals like yourself. Your example as a mom will carry your kids far into life and give them that foundation of family. Be proud of who you are – I am proud of you.

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    • There is a box at the end of each blog and one on the home page. This way, you can join.
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      hugs paula

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    • Thanks for your nice comments. I love your quote.
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  52. Hi Paula,

    Im from India, do you have any hangouts or joints in this part of the world also. Was wondering if you could help.



    • Hi Abhi:
      I have visited India and loved it. Unfortunately, I have no future plans of visiting again.
      How can I help.?

    • Abhi: I have just discovered that there are many comments that I have not seen before. So I am writing to thank you for your wonderful comments. paula I live in Canada and travel often so I cannot help you with your question. Try LGBT and your town/city.

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    • Hi Lincoln: So sorry to know that you are experiencing problems. I have no idea what the problem may be.
      It’s the first time anyone has mentioned this sort of problem. Thanks for visiting and best wishes. paula

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    Your writing style is witty, keep it up!

    • Thank you, Terrell. You are from Germany?

    • Hello Terrell:
      Thank you for taking the time to write a wonderful comment. I think it is important to have a sense of humour. “Experts” say that a person lives longer if they laugh more and get rid of as much stress as they can. You are from Germany? I have some good friends that live in your great country. Peace and joy, paula

  56. It’s hard to come by well-informed people in this particular
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    • It is a joy, Antonetta, to have someone take the time to write a nice comment.
      I am doing my best to provide accurate information. It is a great way to educate myself and provide information for others.
      One of the greatest pleasures is seeing the flags of visitors (204,279 since 2013) and know that somehow I am linked to like-minded people around the world. Peace and love. paula

  57. Hi Paula,

    you are inspiring, I found your weblink today on EP, dated back around jun 2013. I did not realize that it would be such a great place online. most people start blogging but cant quite carry on but you truly know what you are upto, yeah!
    I’m a single indian lesbian and its really tough to find like minded ppl openly in a country like mine. so I’m still trying my luck on EP. 🙂
    my best wishes to you and Trish!

    • Hello Sweta and Indian lesbians:
      What a wonderful set of compliments! When I receive them, I know that I am fulfilling a purpose. I grew up in Ireland and at that time, I never knew one lesbian and the power of the Catholic church made it very difficult. Trish and I returned a couple of years ago to Dublin and we actually went into a gay bar! This year, the population of the south or Republic of Ireland voted overwhelmingly for gay marriage! Things do change! While every country has its own wonderful and unique culture, many young people look to the West for music and cinema. More and more American, Canadian, British and European gays and lesbians are “coming out.” I think this is noted by non-Western countries and particularly the young. Trish and I recently visited Istanbul. Outside the Mosques were women dressed in Muslim long clothes and head attire, but they were also on their iPhones and iPads. Don’t give up on obtaining a soul mate! There is one special woman just waiting to meet a wonderful person like you! Let me know when you find her! I have a feeling that it won’t be long! best wishes, paula

    • Sweta: What is EP? Oh, by the way I found out through the internet that you name means “pure.” There is something to be said for a “pure” heart and intentions. paula

      • well thank you Paula 🙂 i’m glad. i hope so too.
        yes that is indeed the meaning of my name. sweet of you.
        EP is

  58. I’m a 30 something gay guy from Kenya looking for a lesbian, preferably in Kenya for a marriage of convenience. Interested in having kids and having a “normal” a life as possible despite my sexual orientation. I’m not a free spirit, but open minded so willing to try anything out. If you’re out there, kindly get in touch: sam lugazi at

    • Sam, paula here. I wish you luck in finding a marriage of convenience. I am sad that Kenya (and other countries) are so homophobic. So often, homophobia is done in the name of a religion. I have never, never felt that God was unhappy about my sexual orientation. As gays, lesbians and transgendered people, we are NOT mistakes of nature, nor have we chosen to be who homosexuals or transgendered. It is shameful for religions to ignore science. Psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors worldwide claim, ‘homosexuality is NOT a disease or mental disorder. It CANNOT be reverse and therefore, it is NOT a choice.’ Please accept my advice (and it is personal) and wear condoms for sex. I realize that this is personal but you are on my website and you are mentioning have kids with a lesbian. Anyway, be safe – be proud and good luck. paula

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    • Roma: I blog to bring info and I am so glad you found the site and that it was helpful.
      May 2016 be a great year for you. Thanks for your support.

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    • Thao:
      I really appreciate the fact that you took time to write. Thanks also for the compliments. I believe, as I am sure you do, in the power of ONE. We can all make a difference. Happy New Year, paula.

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    • Hi Hindisex:
      Thanks for the compliment. I do hope that you pursue writing. It is a great way to learn about yourself and what you know and feel. I really enjoyed writing three lesbian ebooks (you can find them on The writing of these books made me do a lot of research as my stories were set in Australia, England and in the Vietnam War. YOU may also choose to make a difference to the world by tackling issues or presenting warm posts/blogs of wisdom and love. Good luck. paula.

  63. Thanks for the page, very informative. As Kurt Cobain sang, “Everyone is gay”. I truly believe that. Have tried both sides. Now, at age 69, I am pretty much asexual, lol. But I have many friends I love, both male and female. But to be honest, the males put me off a little. You should have a page on Facebook.

    • Hi Patricia. Thanks for commenting. We are all on the Earth Walk and experimenting with who we are is necessary for growth. Well done.
      I do have a Facebook page under paula key. Best wishes always and a few hugs thrown in.

  64. What’s up, I log on to your blog daily. Your story-telling style is witty, keep it up!

    • NSFW – You live in Germany? We have some wonderful friends living there.
      Thanks for your compliments. It also says many things about you , too!

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